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Gardening requires a great deal of knowledge and commitment and to be successful reaping a great harvest from what ever a novice Gardner wants to grow requires research. Research is the key to finding out what fruit and vegetables plants love in order to thrive. If you are a novice Gardner and have the notion to believe that growing vegetables and fruit plants just requires some sort of fertilizer, some watering and sunshine  you can be in for a rude awaking. I took on that notion my first-year of gardening and found myself  indulge in trial an error(lack of knowledge). In other words I lost about half what I had planted resulting in losing half of what I invested. My wife was like Uh?$ and I said to myself, if I want to do this then I better get better at it quick, so I began to research plants I wanted to grow and that research led me to reap a great harvest; my wife loves me again. 

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