Growing Organic Bell Peppers

Growing organic peppers on my home patio can be quite productive if conditions are great. Peppers are very versatile, there are several ways they can be enjoyed and they can be eaten raw or cooked.

Peppers can be jarred, grilled, stuffed, baked, sautéed and added to many different dishes. Pepper plants are also very vigorous and will grow very fast producing an abundant harvest. They thrive in a very organic nutrient rich soil. Calcium must be kept present in the soil to prevent blossom end rot and they love magnesium which presents a beautiful pepper plant presentation. The ideal temperatures to grow peppers is between 60-80 degrees.

Growing Peppers in Pots

The bigger the pot the larger the peppers and production. I have had great success growing peppers in 5 gallon plastic pots. Pretty colorful ceramic pots are more expensive and are great if they fall within your budget.

Pros of growing peppers in pots

1. Pots can be moved around.

2. Pots are convenient when it comes to space

3. Soil moisture can be better managed in pots using a moisture meter.

4. Pots can be convenient in centralizing plant nutrients.

5. Growing plants in pots can help reduce insect invasion. 

Cons of growing pepper plants in pots:

1. Plastic pots can get very hot in high temperatures drawing damaging heat to plant roots.

2. Managing over heating of plant soil in pots requires consistence monitoring of soil moisture.

3. Watering plants over a plants life cycle can drain nutrients from plants in pots.

Key solutions to controlling nutrients, soil moisture and over heating in plant pots. 

1. It is crucial to replace nutrients back into plant soil after long periods of watering in pots(Bone Meal, Blood Meal & Worm Castings). Be consistence with a plant feeding schedule.  

2. Moisture meters can play a key role in monitoring soil moisture.

3. Places of shade or patio umbrellas can help deter severe heat from plants and plastic pots.

These are a few pepper plants that I have grown on my home patio with great success. There are many different types of peppers a gardener can choose to grow that may fancy their taste buds. Growing a great pepper harvest requires commitment. To thrive for perfection reveals positive results.   

Here is a look at some peppers I have grown on my patio garden. 

Italian Red Carmen Sweet Peppers

Green Bell Pepper

Habanero Peppers

Green Peppers

Italian Red Carmen Sweet Peppers

Italian Red Carmen Sweet Peppers

Banana Peppers & Jalapeno Peppers

Red Cheyenne Peppers

Green Bell Peppers



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