Over Cognac Insect Battles Insect are "notorious" destroyers of thriving gardens and they can smell a thriving garden a great distance away. They come to feast and populate. A few insect may be great for a garden such as pollinating bees or lady bugs, but overall insect can be a nuisance. Not only do they
Over Cognac Growing organic peppers on my home patio garden has been a treat. My family love peppers and we are creative when it comes to preparing mouthwatering pepper dishes. If you walk into any grocery store searching for peppers, most likely you will find a stack of peppers in some sort of bin or
Over Coffee Bacon, Kale & Tomato Sandwich America is well know for the famous BLT(Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato  Sandwich). More often than not the traditional BKT is usually prepared with ice berg lettuce or romaine lettuce which happened to be my favorite sandwich of all time, until I discovered the BKT(bacon, kale & tomato sandwich).
Over Cognac  Boiled Organic Kale My family loves boiled kale stove top, it is a great tasty dish and very easy to prepare. Simply add water to a pot and boil kale until the leaves become tender. To enhance the flavor of kale you can also add your favor seasonings such as garlic salt, sea