Over Cognac

I was in my kitchen one afternoon in the process of preparing a mouth watering kale salad and it came to my mind that the entire leaf of kale is editable, but the kale stems can be quiet tough so I be began to ponder ways on how to prepare tender kale stems for a great snack or an addition to a meal. My process became a delicious success. 

Delicious Kale Stems 

If you’re a person that likes kale and has never eaten kale stems you may want to consider not discarding them because they are delicious.

Freeze Your Kale Stems

Whenever my family and I are preparing a kale dish we always strip the leaves from the steams and put the stems into a plastic freezer bag and place them in the freezer for a later meal or snack. 

Sauté  Kale

Organic kale stems have a great deep rich taste. If you have ever eaten collard greens kale stems taste very similar.

Here is how I prep kale stems to be sautéed in easy simple steps: 

1. I placed kale stems evenly across a non-stick skillet.

2. I added enough water half way up to the kale. On a medium low stove – top setting I let the kale come to a consistent simmer until kale comes to a medium tender.

3. Once the kale is at a medium tender drain any additional water from the skillet and add olive oil, butter and your favorite seasonings such as garlic salt and black pepper and begin to sauté kale stems to your desire and enjoy.



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