There are 4 basic conditions that play a major role in successful gardening: weather, water, plant nutrition and insect control. Considering these conditions when gardening will apply to what type of plant you want to grow; which will require some research to assist in yielding a great harvest.

Kale & Weather Conditions

Kale is a cool weather plant that can survive temperatures as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit, but the ideal temperature to grow kale is between 55-75 degrees. I have grown kale in the spring/summer months and in the fall/winter months. Both planting seasons yield different results. 

Kale- Spring & Summer Harvest

There are a few key factors a novice gardener may consider growing kale in the spring/summer months:

  • The cool temperatures of spring can yield a great tasting kale harvest; but get ready for a challenging insect battle as temperatures warm up heading into the summer.
  • As temperature’s rise above 75 degrees heading into the summer months kale becomes a bit tough and a bit bitter to taste. 
  • Fluctuating high temperatures can cause watering challenges. Over watering in high temperatures can lead to plant disease or root rot that can kill your plant. 


Kale- Fall & Winter Harvest 

The best time to grow kale is in the fall/winter months:

  • The cooler the temperature the sweeter kale taste.
  • Cooler temperature greatly reduces insect battles.
  • Cooler temperature greatly reduces plant disease.
  • Cooler temperatures greatly reduces watering challenges.  Kale grows fast and is a heavy drinker so be sure to keep soil moist. 
  • There are several soil meter options gardeners can choose from to help monitor soil moisture. I have had great success with the soil meter presented.

Plant Nutrition       

Garden vegetable plants and fruit plants need nutrients to flourish and there are so many different methods and products gardeners use to yield a great kale harvest it can sometimes be confusing. I have been gardening on my patio for 2 years now and my first year of gardening was filled with trial and error.  I discovered that in order to yield a great harvest no matter what I was growing I had to do some research. That research led me to one conclusion; different vegetables and different fruits demand specific nutrients and specific conditions to thrive.

Weather planting in pots or a retaining wall, garden plants requires consistence maintenance to flourish. Replenishing garden nutrients(fertilizer) over a plant life cycle is key to an unabundant harvest. Consistent plant observation(how is your plant growing)is key to developing a great maintenance schedule.    

If conditions are good, kale can be simple to grow and you can be sure to reap the benefits of a bountiful kale harvest for several months. Weather I grow kale in pots on my patio or in my patio retaining wall, I have been quite successful yielding a great kale harvest using these organic products presented below. Note: I add all products to soil when planting.



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